Local First Arizona Foundation (LFAF) is the 501c3 nonprofit sister organization to Local First Arizona. 

LFAF is an award-winning organization focused on community and economic development throughout the state in order to build self-sufficient, healthy and prosperous communities. We are creating a movement that has proven results across a wide variety of measurables including youth retention, job creation, and economic gains.

LFAF has three main areas of focus:

    Healthy Local Food Initiatives

    LFAF works to build healthy food systems including working directly with the producers and growers as well as educating consumers about the importance of eating healthy foods, where to find healthy foods, what’s fresh and in-season, and why it’s important. Learn more.

    Rural Community & Economic Development

    LFAF works to provide rural Arizona communities with resources they need to build vibrant, sustainable, and resilient economies. LFAF is the Rural Development Council for the state of Arizona. Learn more.

    Participants of the Fuerza Local Business Accelerator organize their business plans during a training session. 


    A business education program for underserved business owners that teaches entrepreneurship and the multiple facets of building a sustainable and prosperous enterprise. Learn more.

    Local First Arizona Foundation believes connecting people to the place they live, a strategy called placemaking, should be at the root of all community and economic development, and therefore we work to integrate creative placemaking strategies into all of the programs and events we organize.

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    …and learn more about LFA's sister organization, the Local First Arizona Foundation, which focuses on community and economic development throughout the state in order to build self-reliant, healthy and prosperous communities.